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To help expedite the process, please provide us with as much information possible in your Quote Request email.

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Custom T Shirt Screen Printing in Atlanta, GA

T-Shirt Vinyl letters

The procedure for vinyl printing is to first design the lettering that will be placed on your jersey and then create a reverse image. The lettering is lined up and correctly positioned on the shirt, then heat is used to adhere the vinyl letters to the fabric, the reversed image will now show up normal and you have a competed lettered vinyl jersey.

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Vinyl Transfers

T-shirt vinyl prints can be applied to any material as long as is can withstand the heat, however it is much better suited for fabric. Vinyl printing is perfect for use on 50/50 blends, 100% polyester and 100% cotton. So vinyl can be used on not just t-shirts but other apparel items like hats, polo shirts, jeans and other kinds of clothing.

Vinyl logos on shirts

Because the setup time for vinyl printing is much faster compared to screen printing, vinyl is best suited for small runs from 1 to 10 shirts. While this however does not make for an overall faster printing method as each shirt needs to be individually setup, the setup process requires much less time.

Flock printing on shirts

Flocking or Flock Screen Printing is the process of depositing many small fiber particles onto t-shirts and apparel surfaces. This printing method adds a velvety like texture and is perfect for enhancing the color, feel and appearance of any garment including hats, aprons, coats t-shirts and all other types of fabric.

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Suede print

If you're looking for a special kind of ink to make your design look absolutely amazing and give it that special touch, suede ink is for you! Not only will you be amazed by the look, but the feel of the fabric is even more impressive. Suede printing is the ideal printing method when you want to give your t-shirt design a textured feel and look.

Velvet print on shirts

Velvet printing gives your design that velvety feel that is slightly raised up from the surface of your garment giving you a quality premium feel to the fabric. Not only will your t-shirts look incredible but it is also a very cost effective printing method. Printing on t-shirts or other garments using velvet is very similar to vinyl printing so your designs should be simple shapes like letters and numbers.

Reflective print

Reflective printing is a type of heat transfer that transfers a glowing florescent material onto fabric. A popular type of reflective printing would be for construction vests of for helping identify workers. Reflective print is also great just for adding a little fashion and style to your design by having a reflective logo on your t-shirt or other types of clothing.

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Safety print

Reflective printing uses a reflective film that reflects any bright light like headlights for example. This type of high visibility apparel and printing material is perfect for firefighters and police who are working at night and need to be easily seen. Larger print areas with simple designs like vertical and horizontal lines work best for safety print material.

Reflect all printing

Not only are reflective prints ideal for safety, they are also perfect for giving off that shimmering glow for a cool effect. Have a great design for a t-shirt? Make it reflective and stand out! Printed reflective ink on garments will provide enhanced visibility for cyclists, joggers, construction workers and those who are in close proximity to traffic at night.

photo on a t-shirt

Digital photo printing

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) or also called digital printing is the process that allows us to print full color, quality photo images directly onto your custom printed t-shirts. Digital printing allows for an innovative way of creating low cost custom shirts while still giving quality printing results. Digital photo printing is fast, easy and affordable!

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custom tranfers

Digital transfers

Heat Transfer Printing also known as Iron On: 3V Printing offers high quality digital heat transfers on both dark and lighter fabric. Using ink jets and transfer paper allows us to print photos on T-Shirts. You will be amazed at the quality of your printed photos transferred onto your favorite T-Shirt.

digital photo prints

Digital T-shirt prints

3V Printing's digital printing technology allows us to customize any brand t-shirts in any quantity, from one at a time, and with no limitations on artwork. If you have a photo, regardless of format or size, we can print it onto a t-shirt for you. Just pick out the type of shirt you want, upload your photo and we will take care of the rest!

Foil printing

Foil printing t-shirts gives your design that added touch of style and sparkle to make it stand out. Not only does it make a bold statement, it is a great way to accent your design and make it pop. Printing t-shirts with foil is a premium printing method, and our process of foil printing is far superior to the competition so you can expect only professional quality results from us.

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Gold foil print

3V Printing offers Foil printing on pretty much any type of clothing. This foil print is used to give your design a shiny 3D effect that will bring out your design in eye catching detail. We can convert almost any design into foil printing and we offer many different colors including gold, blue and silver. Have a design or need design ideas? we can help!

Silver foil

This is by far our most asked for printing option and you can see why, this method of printing will make your t-shirt stand out from the rest of the crowd. Foil print comes in many colors, great for men and women, masculine and feminine designs. We can combine foil with regular screen printing to provide even more interesting designs for t-shirts, ball caps and more!

Bold screen printing

Screen printing t-shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, tri-blends, hoodies, fashion tees.. And that's just to name a few shirt styles we screen print every day. We are one of the most trusted and experienced screen printing shops in the Fayetteville area. With our modern equipment and innovative print processes, we can deliver great quality at affordable prices.

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Gradient screen printing

We screen print on wearable and printable apparel, including: work uniforms, t-shirts, jackets, a variety of bags (canvas, duffle, book bags, travel bags, gym bags,) ball caps and hats, tanks, fashion tees, yoga pants, work out gear, performance apparel, hoodies, zip up hoodies, sweat pants, crew necks fleece jackets and vest, polos, jerseys and uniforms for basketball, baseball, soccer and so much more.

Multiple colors print

The professional screen printing team here at 3V Printing is comprised of designers and artists. We take pride in our work to ensure all of our screen printed products will be professionally made. We can match any color and create just about any design you can think up, and our press operators can apply special effects using foil, embroidery, glitter and much more to help dress up any design.

Rhinestone designs

3V Printing provides rhinestones for your design and logos. We can turn any logo or design into magnificent rhinestone works of art, and we can do it at a very low price. Take your unexciting tank top or t-shirt and transform it into a stunning showstopper. We have many colors and styles to choose from!

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Rhinestones logo

Rhinestones are great for brides to be, Mother’s day, cheerleading, girls night out, sororities, ladies groups, sports teams, bands and much more. We offer custom logos, rhinestone lettering, shapes, stars and other custom rhinestone designs for just about any occasion. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Rhinestones transfers

The number of rhinestones required to complete your logo or design will determine the final price. If you have an idea for a design, you can upload your design or request a quote. If you have an idea but need help with the design, not only can we offer ideas but we can help with the design itself.

Gold and silver glitter

Glitter printing on t-shirts is a very popular choice for sororities, flashy sportswear, spirit wear and that's just to name a few. Glitter can be applied to polyester, cotton and poly/cotton blends. Our high quality heat transfers are extremely durable and you'll just love the luster, sparkle and shine!

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Rolls of glitter

Our glitter material is perfect for giving your designs an amazing look! When glitter catches the light it creates a brilliant effect which makes a bold statement for your team logo or branding. With glitter printed t-shirts the possibilities are endless, we can mix and match many colors for even more amazing results.

Multiple glitter colors

Screen printed glitter will add a sparkle to your design and the number of colors is almost endless. Glitter looks best with large bold designs as the more area covered with glitter will make for a more impressive effect. We can combine other printing methods like rhinestones & foil printing to dress up your glitter idea even more and make that new design shine!

Clothing Brands

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